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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

National Youth Front- UK Branch met Harin Fernando MP

The members of National Youth Front-UK Branch ("NYF") recently met Mr Harin Fernando MP who was in London to attend an international conference. National Youth Front UK Bracnh is an affiliated organisation of the United National Party- UK Branch.This event was held as part of the re-structuring programme of the NYF initiated under the guidance of party's General Secretary Hon Tissa Attanayake. The meeting was held in Rising Sun restaurant in Greenford and the active youth members of the NYF took this opportunity to have a one to one dialogue with the young MP from Sri Lanka. During that meeting, Mr Fernando emphasised the need of working together to strengthen the campaign that the party leadership wishes to initiate in the UK to create awareness among the Sri lanka diaspora. He also pointed out that the opposition parties are now ready to come to a common platform to topple the corrupt regime in Sri Lanka.
Mr Harsha Siriwardane, president of the UNP-UK Branch also addresed the gathering and thanked the youth for taking an active interest in party politics. Mr Harshaka Kannangara also spoke. Mr Krishantha Atukorala, the secretary of NYF-UK Branch highlighted the need of youth power to carry out the campaign against the common political enemy. Mr Darshan Danial, the president of the NYF-UK Branch made a valuable speech and emphasised that the main objective of the NYF is to support the programmes initiated by the UNP-UK Branch with the guidance given by the party headquarters. He also mentioned that the NYF is an affiliated group of the branch and they alwasy work together. He invited the youth from all walks to join the NYF and work together to strengthen the party activities in the UK. He also outlined their annual calender. some individuals with vested interest gathered outside the restaurant to disrupt the event but they eventually bowed to the strong and genuine participation of the UNP youth in London.

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